3 Secrets for a Joy-fillled, Soul Based Practice

A 2-Day Immersion in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina to Accelerate Your AWAKENING, JOY and Power with clients… AND help them know who they truly are.

Dr. Shannon South, Transpersonal Therapist, Bestselling Author & Founder of The Ignite! Programs 

March 2-3, 2019 Flat Rock, NC 

Many of us have been working from a clinical perspective for years with clients having some success and helping clients grow, yet we yearn for more.  

More wholeness, more magic, more awe, more joy, more energy and even more peace for ourselves and our clients. In a culture of more, it could seem like a carrot to think that this is even possible, yet in spiritual psychology, the art of more possibility has been mastered through tapping into the unexpected full potential of the Soul. 

As a meditation and a consciousness junkie, and someone who has spent decades personally and professionally expanding and growing, I have found the aliveness and freshness of this work with clients to be ever touching, ever heart opening and joy bringing and ever mysterious, even for the advanced practitioner.  

The Soul is a place of creativity and uniqueness and never gets old. It never gets worn out due to the power of the moment that is co-created. It never gets boring because there is connection, aliveness and love present in the room. It never gets mental because when you bring Spirit and Soul into your practice, it carries with it a special framework for that person that goes beyond their story, their diagnosis and their drama and to the root of their healing needs. 

That’s why I've created this training called... How to Integrate Spirit and Soul Into Your Practice  

Having 2 days to dip into the language of the Soul and explore ways in which you can bring this into your practice to create lasting healing from:  

  • Trauma patterns
  • Depression
  • Complexes of insecurity, loneliness and unworthiness 
  • Anxiety patterns 
  • Shame and doubt 
  • Disconnection and fear 
  • Reactive trigger
  • Mental obsessing
  • Addictive patterns
  • And more…

Like licensed counselor and substance abuse specialist, Dona, said who took my last training,  

“This is why I became a therapist-to help people connect with their Truest Self.”  

This approach not only does what Dona said, but it gives the serious practitioner a road map to the window of their clients’ Soul and what could be more juicy and exciting than that!  

Or like Vicky, another dynamic spiritual therapist who took my trainings said, 

“My jaw has dropped hearing the spiritual advice that comes from the hearts of young teenagers whom I work with and I feel great joy when I help adults learn how to trust themselves to let go into the freedom of healing. The Inner Counselor Process heals deeply as we connect to our inner wisdom.”  

Or Rachel who is a bodyworker, licensed counselor and art therapist said,  

“Since learning this Spiritual Psychology Process, I have been able to use it with a number of clients with complex trauma and childhood abuse. One client struggling with debilitating panic disorder especially benefited. She was able to trust the process since we have an established therapeutic rapport from several months of work together. She said she felt a strong sense of peace afterwards - I had never seen her like that. She was laughing, more fully in her personality and body, and truly calm. I hadn't even seen her sit in her seat comfortably until after this! It was amazing!”  

And on how this work integrates with other therapies she said,  

“I especially love how this process seamlessly supports the other creative and holistic approaches I use to help clients move towards integration and healing.” 

Here's What You'll Get in this LIVE 2-day Immersion  

  • Describe the main tenets of spiritual psychology
  • Know how to begin utilizing these with your clients and within your private practice
  • Explain and demonstrate how a clinician may address personal trauma, family patterns and multidimensional patterns with their clients using the Inner Counselor Process TM
  • Get to the root of clients’ problems by working with them to answer three pivotal questions: What do I really want and need? Why do I feel and respond as I do? How can I change the direction of my life?  
  • Outline specific strategies for assisting clients with integration and transformation of shadow aspects and coping (survival) patterns
  • Interact with spiritual clinicians who may assist clients with psychological work and healing at a deeper level  

A Transformational Approach Based on the Inner Counselor Technique

This two-day training features advanced spiritual psychology skills, based on concepts from the Inner Counselor Technique TM to help clients heal from traumatic experiences. 

It is a transformational approach, designed to move clients beyond their stories to experience a greater sense of joy and wholeness through a unique process of personality integration. Inner Counselor Techniques TM expand on the work of psychologists such as Abraham Maslow, Carl Gustav Jung, and William James. The techniques target both spiritual and psychological dimensions to assist clients in changing their automatic response patterns. As a clinician, this workshop will provide you with spiritual and Soul tools to help your clients get to the root of their suffering, become more self-actualized and optimize their sense of joy in everyday life.  

The Inner Counselor System has evolved over the last 30 years to become a highly effective approach for self-directed, on-going personal and spiritual healing and growth.  

The Inner Counselor has three essential components: 

1) A clear conceptual framework, 

2) A guided Self-Awareness Process, and  

3) A method that integrates these two components to create powerful and lasting transformations in body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  

Inner Counselor is a progressive, whole systems approach to self-healing and integration that includes a clearly outlined Integration Chart and a 15-step guided Self-awareness Process (ICPTM). The brief, dynamic ICPTM may be used by professionals as a symptoms-oriented clinical intervention or by individuals seeking ongoing personal and spiritual growth. The ICPTM quickly and effectively resolves trauma as well as resolving more common, less traumatic dysfunctional coping patterns.  

The core of this system is a connection with one’s “Inner Wisdom.” This connection supports the perennial spiritual philosophy that the true “healer” lies within each of us. 

Meet Dr. Shannon South

Shannon D. South, LPC, Th.D., is an award winning therapist, an amazon best-selling author, a professional speaker, and an expert in the field of spirituality and healing trauma for over 20 years. She is also a mother, writer and avid meditator, having completed her doctorate studying meditation and its effects on depression, anxiety, dopamine and other neurotransmitters. 

Dr. South grew up in the mountains of NC. Her passions are speaking, writing and helping people “heal the split” associated with trauma so that wholeness and joy can occur naturally. Dr. South knows how to assist people in giving themselves these valuable life-changing gifts and she is now sharing life-giving tools with other clinicians through professional workshops.  

When there is pain in our lives, we often develop or experience “unsupportive”, or “joy-busting” coping skills and patterns. Our system attempts to “handle these events, beliefs or experiences the best way it knows how. These less healthy ways of coping hold us together until we can develop new ways of being with ourselves, our pain and others. Dr. South utilizes EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), dream work and a transpersonal psychology process called “the Inner Counselor.”  

In 1994, during graduate school, Shannon had a spiritual experience during meditation that healed her debilitating anxiety and panic disorder. Since this transformative experience, Shannon’s focus changed from one of traditional psychotherapy to a holistic, transpersonal nature. She began intense studies in meditation, mind-body-spirit healing and MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) with Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD. Shannon obtained her doctorate in theology/transpersonal psychology studying with Dr. Norman Shealy and Dr. Carolyn Myss.  

Dr Shannon South

Praise for Dr. Shannon's Work...

Marci Shimoff

"Dr. Shannon South is an expert who knows how to guide people on the path to greater joy. Her personal healing story of moving from anxiety and debilitating panic to happiness and well-being is a great inspiration."  

—Marci Shimoff #1 NY Times Bestselling Author of Happy for No Reason, Love For No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul.

Rev Christy Snow

"Dr. Shannon South is the epitome of love and joy. She is an enthusiastic and clear teacher who uplifts and inspires others to live from their joy center AND create a life that reflects the love, peace and joy we are all deserving and capable of."  

—Rev. Christy Snow

"Loved this workshop! The role play/processing was very powerful and helped me get a better understanding of the steps." —Jeree Current, Licensed Professional Counselor 

"Loved the energy and I’m looking forward to using the techniques I learned today with clients! Thank you for a fantastic day." —Jennifer Kristie Sessoms 

"This training was exceptional. Dr. Shannon was at ease and created an atmosphere of openness and authenticity. I liked the interactive nature and the materials. Thank you for an inspirational day - on a personal and professional level." —Chaplain Sheree Jones 

"The most helpful aspects of the training were the Meditations, the Joy Team exercise, the Inner Counselor demo and a close up look at this process." - David Plank, Psychotherapist 

Registration Information

Early Registration Deadline: January 31, 2019 

Early Registration fee is $597.00 or $550.00 for groups (5 or more paying and registering at the same time). 

Payment Policy

Registration fee includes administrative costs, educational materials and refreshments during morning break (gluten free options available) on both days. If registration is received after this deadline, the total fee will be registration fee plus $20.00. Dr. Shannon South has a pay-up front policy. The only exceptions will be pre-approved where an individual payment plan is appropriate. Registrations received without payment will not be processed.  

Lodging & Meals

Lodging and meals are in addition to the workshop fee. Lodging options will be provided after your registration has been received.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received 3 weeks in advance of the program date will be refunded in full minus administrative fees of $15.00. Cancellations received within 1 week in advance or up to 3 days before the program will receive 50% refund and any cancellations 3 days before the program or less, no refunds will be given. Please make all cancellations in writing (email or mail) at drshannonsouth@yahoo.com or 31 Shady Park Lane Asheville, NC 28804. 

NOTE: Space is limited and these LIVE trainings always fill up because of the practical content that I offer.

QUESTIONS: Please contact us here.


To truly get the support you need to create a Soul Based Practice in your office….. Sign up for the In person 2-Day How to Integrate Spirit and Soul into Your Practice PLUS the online follow up program: Spiritual Mastery Deep Dive.

What is the Spiritual Mastery Deep Dive? 

6 LIVE video conference calls packed full of Spiritual Psychology, consultation, support to get out there with your clients and use the practices and then mastery and confidence in “getting to the root of the problem” right away. Normally $999 plus $597.00 for the 2-day retreat ($1,597.00 total) but you can save $100 and pay only $1497.00 for both when you sign up for the in person training and the follow up Spiritual Mastery Deep Dive (read details about this program below)...

About the Spiritual Mastery Deep Dive... 


3 Months to Accelerate Your Self-Actualization and Lasting Healing for Your Clients

Most of us have lofty dreams for ourselves, our children, our clients and for the level of change we want to co-create in the world, however, there are only a few who intentionally take the time to master this vision. 

Every transpersonal pioneer from Carl Jung to Abraham Maslow to Mary Calkins has changed the world by their deep commitment to the holistic nature of others.

As someone who has spent decades studying and using holistic processes with clients (and myself), I've learned this "deep dive" adventure into transpersonal mastery is worth all the effort, desire and focus it takes. This healing activates the consciousness of who we are: Our eternal nature... and that's the REAL DEAL. (plus it's priceless for your clients and the growth of your business).

That's why I've created the Spiritual Mastery Deep Dive... to give serious healers, therapists, psychologists, and caregivers like you the space and support you need to intentionally master this spiritual modality.

Outcome: Self-actualization and Awakening for self and others!

Here's What You'll Get:

  • A deeper understanding of the Spiritual Psychology approach (plus a new spiritual psychology topic each class)
  • Mastery and confidence in "getting to the root of the problem" right away using the Inner Counselor TM approach
  • Powerful soul-based tools and time to integrate them into your practice
  • 6 group Q&A Supervision Calls
  • 1 individual Integration Session with me
  • The Journey to Awakening Inner Counselor TM manual

Register Now

2-Day "Integrate Spirit and Soul Into Your Practice" Immersion

  • 2-day LIVE immersion in Flat Rock, NC facilitated by award-winning Transpersonal Therapist, Dr. Shannon South from March 2-3, 2019
  • Specific strategies for getting to the root of your clients' problems
  • Practical tools to help your clients
  • Peer-to-peer networking opportunity Relaxing location to rejuvenate your soul

Training Fee: $597

2-Day Immersion PLUS "Spiritual Mastery Deep Dive" Online Program 

  • 2-day LIVE immersion in Flat Rock, NC facilitated by Dr. Shannon South (everything on the right side)
  • 6 power packed consultation and training sessions (online, live video conference calls) every other Friday 12:00pm - 1:30pm (Dates TBA)  
  • 1 Individual integration or Inner Counselor session with Dr. South (to clear out any blocks in your way) 
  • The Journey to Awakening Manual written by the Founder of the Inner Counselor TM process, Dr. Ann Nunley

Training Fee: $1,497